27 May

What To Do in Yellowknife

Set in the breathtaking tundra of the North West Territories, Yellowknife is a thriving community that serves as a gateway to the north of Canada. For those enthusiastic about wildlife and outdoor adventure, Yellowknife is guaranteed to provide travelers with an unforgettable trip.

The capital city is a great place to discover distinctive Northern Aboriginal culture and art. The N2045648290_e7780658b8_oorthern Frontier Visitor’s Centre is a focal point, as it provides information and exhibits on the various Aboriginal groups that are indigenous to the area.

Yellowknife is one of the best places in the world to watch the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. Special bus tours are available from the city to the best spots to view this phenomenon, or you can simply ask the friendly locals for the best vantage points and drive yourself.

Shopping and eating are each highlights of Yellowknife, as the local handicrafts and cuisine are one of a kind. Canadian Arctic Diamonds are mined in the territory and are widely available at merchants throughout the city, as is unique Northern style art. Dine out on fresh fish caught from the pure Great Slave Lake, or select from a variety of local delicacies such as buffalo burgers and Baffin shrimp.

Hiring a car in Yellowknife is popular, as few ever arrive by road, yet the surrounding wilderness offers excellent day trips or longer camping excursions. Most people come to the North West Territories for the wildlife. Yellowknife provides a great starting point to see the abundance of birds, caribou, bison and musk ox.

Dog sledding is a long-standing tradition of the Aboriginal people of the Yellowknife area. At the end of March, you won’t want to miss the infamous Caribou Carnival. Dog teams and their expert drivers take off on a three day Dog Derby, racing throughout the rugged tundra of the North West Territories.