24 Nov

Fun Spring and Summertime Activities

Even though Canada is known widely for its glaciers and it’s Nordic and cold regions, there are actually many activities in store for people who would like to spend time with nature in the spring or summer time. Canada, the second largest country by total area and fourth largest country by land area has many attractions for nature lovers. As the sun starts to get its rays perpendicular to the Canadian land, the first signs of spring bring many touristic and plain air activities.b190b9bcae39ee6b68c160e3e6f45456_xl

Hiking and climbing never fails to satisfy the explorers of mountains and lakes, and the searcher of beautiful landscapes and panoramic views. The pleasure of walking is strongly encouraged amongst the beautiful Canadian scenery. And this country has it all, regardless of whether you prefer relaxed walks or challenging hikes.

Lone Tree Hill, in the Victoria area is one of the shortest and most beautiful tracks. The ascending track will lead you to a journey passing the different arbutus tree areas, gravel or rock sections.

The coastal Trail of East Sooke Park is situated near Vancouver. In only 8 hours, tourists can explore the entire coastline. The area has many tracks, but the most popular is Ayland Farm to Beechey Head.

Mount Finlayson area offers a steep hike which passes beautiful forest areas, rocky slopes, and even a golf resort. This area might be harder to climb without a certified guide for the beginners, but it’s worth a try.

Goldstream Railway Trestle runs above the breathtaking train bridge situated under Niagara Creek Canion. The trail offers a beautiful view over the Niagara Falls.

In order to cover much greater distances, the use of a mountain bike to explore the Canadian forests might be a good idea. Victoria is known as the capital of cycling. There are many connecting routes both in the city and in the mountains which allow the enthusiasts of the sport to explore the beautiful Canadian land.

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