25 May

Experience the Fun of the Quebec Winter Carnival

The Quebec Winter Cadownloadrnival lasts for a full two weeks and will run from January 30th until February 15. This exciting festival is eagerly anticipated for many months and includes a large number of exciting events. There are events here for people of all ages to enjoy and this is one of the biggest and most exciting winter festivals in the whole world. Other exciting highlights of the Quebec Winter Carnival include night parades, ice baths and an exciting ice canoe race.

Where to Stay

The city’s boutique hotels are clean, comfortable and offer something a bit different from run of the mill accommodation. These are fun places to stay while soaking up the magic of the Winter Carnival. While most visitors may be tempted to stay in the heart of the city, there are often some great deals available for those who are willing to stay of the edges of Quebec. The winter Carnival attracts large number of people from around the globe, so it is important to book your accommodation early.

Wining and Dining

There will be plenty of stalls selling fresh local produce as well as winter treats such as mulled wine during the Quebec Winter Carnival. Purchasing produce from these stalls is a great way to support the local economy while trying something new at the same time. Of course, the city of Quebec also features numerous great bars, cafes and restaurants. Visitors should keep their eyes open for special offers from establishments that are created to draw in the crowds at this time of year.

First Time Visitors

The range of things that are waiting to be seen and done may seem overwhelming at first and it is impossible to fit everything in. Therefore, it is a good idea to work out all of the options in advance and choose the highlights.