22 Nov

Canadian Festivals You Don’t Want to Miss

Canada is a great place to visit and to it is always a good idea to visit the various provinces during the time when festivals and special events are being hosted.


For those at that are lopost-1734-0-39489400-1368378950oking for a summer trip to Canada planning it during the summer months and making Vancouver the destination will provide a very exciting experience. This will be especially true if it is during the time of the Vancouver Celebration of Light. During this time there are many different events that take place during the festival which offers a wonderful selection of food fare as well as the Seawall challenge which is a urban race full of adventure.


Most often those that are going to visit Canada really want to pay a visit to Toronto because of its history of being a such an exciting city to visit. There are always some sort of festival taking place but one of the most significant ones is the Toronto International film Festival. This is a one of the most well known film festivals throughout the world and it is a time for movie buffs to really take advantage of being able to see premiers.


Not everybody wants to travel during the summer months and Canada is definitely known for its wintry weather. However, even though the weather is frosty outside visiting Ottawa at the right time during the winter means being able to take in the Ottawa Winterlude. This normally takes place during the first three weekends of each February and it has a lot of events to take in such as viewing amazing ice sculptures, and a snow playground for the kids to enjoy while the parents take in the concerts.

There is always something going on in Canada that you won’t want to miss, and using resources like cordovabeach.com} as a source of information will help keep you informed.