This site is dedicated to travel in Canada and especially Victoria and the enchanting Cordova Beach. People who are planning a trip to Canada for business or pleasure will find that there is an excellent range of information for them to make use of right here on this site.

Nature lovers are sure to have fun exploring Canada as there are lots of national parks and other areas of untouched natural beauty to get to know. People who enjoy hiking, trekking and adventure spots such as white water rafting and canoeing will find plenty of places and this is a great place for independent travelers to have fun, while special tours and treks are also offered by a large number of local companies.

City slickers will also find plenty of vibrant cities to explore in Canada. However, people who are interested in wandering off the beaten path a little will also find information on some of the lesser known destinations in Canada that are just waiting to be explored.

Anyone who is planning a trip to Canada is sure to find plenty of inspiration on what to do and where to go right here on this site. This is sure to make arranging a vacation in Canada very easy and visitors to the site will find plenty of inspiration on how to turn a regular trip into the vacation of a lifetime that they will never forget and how to make memories that they can share with friends and family members for many years to come.