14 Aug

5 Tips for Travelling on a Student Budget in Canada

Being a student offers you an endless supply of holidays that you should definitely take advantage of. However, for students, and maybe even you, the biggest problem when it comes to travel is money. But money should not be such a problem. You can save on student loans and grants, work part-time during the semester and take all available hours so you can save up for your holiday travel. There are also several other ways you can make your travel fit a student budget, read on to see the top five tips!

shutterstock_63402565Travelling on a Student Budget

• Get a part-time job: Apply for a part-time job in a local supermarket, the student union or even coffee shop and save enough to cover food and going out costs. • Hunt for student discounts: Whether shopping for travel, food or clothing, get great discounts. • Have a budget for night outs: Avoid getting money from ATMs or paying with your card. • Study in Canada for a year: Studying for a year in Canada is the perfect way to travel more; you can compare universities at schoolapply.com for opportunities that are virtually endless. • Enjoy the long summer holidays: Consider working half of them and spending the other half travelling.

Have a Fantastic Holiday

Another way to travel to Canada on a student budget is by getting a job at a summer camp during the holidays. You get to board for free and earn some money as well. Most of your day will be occupied by carrying out fun activities, making friends, and exploring a new part of the world – and all these will look good on your resume. If you are looking for something totally out of this world, why not head to Canada and enjoy the best the country has to offer, and all on a budget!